Friday, February 12, 2010

Scarf Watch Changing Colours When Knitting A Scarf. The Videos I Watched Only Show One Side Of Scarf.?

Changing colours when knitting a scarf. The videos I watched only show one side of scarf.? - scarf watch

The problem is when I try to copy them with a change of their color, while the other is at a point run as the first color by the first line of color are concerned, you just added. What am I doing wrong.


♥mat said...

Do I have to double knit. double-sided scarf

Double Knitting II

tantelis... said...

Yes, it is the nature of the fabric in different colors, you get with a precise right-hand side and bad side!

It is a handkerchief vaults very popular at the moment two colors (a strong and varied). They point to two lines, you can then change the color, the color other than slightly to the side. With a scarf 1x1, hiding discoloration on the wrong side pretty well.

Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (aka The Harlot's son) and Jared Flood (aka Brooklyn Tweed), both have great photos in their blogs.

Mary B said...

change is easier to hide the color if you do not after the starting point of the exhibition is not so easy to do while you are working on the project. I would use a needle if it works. In general, extends over the sides, because we are working on them

Shishkan... said...

Nothing. There will always appear in the wrong way, it is the nature of the reverse points. Sorry, but that is how you change the color of the sweater to work.

belinda milfinda said...

Nothing, that's how it works. Okay, so I think it looks good. This is what happens when a thread running through all the runs.

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