Thursday, February 18, 2010

Hair Salon Interview Thank You Letter Hair Salon Interview?

Hair salon interview? - hair salon interview thank you letter

I had an interview for work as a little girl on Saturday in a local beauty salon [I am very excited!] And I wonder if you can help me with a number of things:

What should I use
- How do I make nails and hair
What questions would come

Thank you!


mum to J-D, 3 angels and 1 due said...

wear whatever you feel comfortable in, you can be a kind of uniform still be sure that your nails and clean hair, they also do not use bright colors, but only a delicate pink, or better yet file the form and use a little clear nail polish to flash it.
the questions will probably be the answer to a telephone if you have a comfortable talking to customers, etc., remember the opportunity to have a lot of work to Tiye, do not forget to ask what they can do to help, for example, if you want a barber / beauty, can contribute to the training, you will be shown how to pin ups, or the best way to the top of the hair, etc.

Ercan S said...

Be yourself not as a hammer elegant dress and poses questions that you need to know, but not how to wage and hours, provided they are not, because you do not want to be seen to ask for your money.

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