Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Cordbg.exe !a 0xfc8 My Win XP Media Center Is Missing (or Can't Find) Cordbg.exe !a 0x9e8. How Can I Get That Sent To Me?

My Win XP Media Center is missing (or can't find) cordbg.exe !a 0x9e8. How can I get that sent to me? - cordbg.exe !a 0xfc8

The Media Center works great, until I told my son to remove all their games and to hear "the music division of the computer you can buy your own computer and play on the San Andreas Fault. One can use public transport. I think you accidentally delete the file if it was done intentionally, would all Media Center and its contents are removed. When I bought had this computer from Dell, I thought it was strange that while the software is installed, backup plates for waste, little or nothing for Windows or Word Perfect.


John S said...

Because only a few dollars, Dell will send a replacement CD.
If your computer already has a DVD burner, Dell would put the program on your computer to burn a copy of itself.

Enter the service number (serial number) from your computer and call Dell Technical Department for details.

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