Tuesday, February 2, 2010

How To Hook Up Wii To A Denon Receiver How To Hook Up My Wii To A Denon Avr-488 Receiver. I Have Sound But No Video!?

How to hook up my Wii to a denon avr-488 receiver. I have sound but no video!? - how to hook up wii to a denon receiver

How do I connect my Wii to a Denon AVR-488 receiver. I have sound but no picture!?


A Well Lit Garden said...

The Wii is not high definition, and therefore the use of composite cable, or is component video.

If you are yellow) the Wii in conjunction with a composite video cable (and then you have to use a composite video output cable from the receiver to the TV screen. If you use the Wii in conjunction with the component cable (red, blue and green), then you must use component video cables, are expenses of the receiver to your TV screen.

The Denon receiver does not convert a composite video input to component or HDMI output. Likewise, it becomes a part of a composite or HDMI output. Then leave the HDMI cable connected to the TV if you use one of the HDMI inputs on this receiver and the appropriate video cable (s) of the receiver to your TV for the way the Wii.

More details: Yes, you can bypass the receiver and Wii video cable directly to the TV when it's the only video source such as TV. Otherwise, the workload is swicthing your A / V receiver and move the Wii-video connection, as defined above through your A / V recEivere.

BANG P said...

Connect the video directly from TV to the Wii.

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