Thursday, February 4, 2010

Download Test Drive Unlimited Demo Version Where Can I Download A Demo For The Game 'Test Drive Unlimited' For PC?

Where can I download a demo for the game 'Test Drive Unlimited' for PC? - download test drive unlimited demo version

No PC demo ... : (
However, there is a beta version. However, the beta version to download 3.5 GB available. The period of beta testing has been for some time, all links are disabled, or disappeared.

I'm pretty sure he never will be a PC demo.


Rodrigo S said...

Hey man,

I know the feeling ... Try if it works or what you want. It's peeling 40 or $ 50 for a game, the return may not even be able, if you do not. Now the hard part. A demonstration has not been released ... yet. I say ... yet, because I'm not sure, but. I encourage you to attend the game (just do a search for Test Drive Unlimited on Yahoo!) And visit the forum of the game. There you will find information about games and find ads for a possible demonstration.

Whether the game will be all right, well, I was personally afraid to buy by reading some messages in the forums. They seem to be many mistakes and technical problems. Even if you do not have computers can suffer very high playable for a game that only the United Nations.

Hope this helps.

danielye... said...

Just buy it:) is a good game

kbça marinha said...

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