Monday, February 15, 2010

How Many Panadols Does It Take To Kill Yourself How Many Panadols Would It Take To Kill Yourself?

How many Panadols would it take to kill yourself? - how many panadols does it take to kill yourself

I think my friend is suicidal, because they still Panadol before, during and after school. She only said she has a headache.
We really need to know how he could kill with too ...


jajikazo... said...

Paracetamol is a simple painkillers. In most, if you take too much at once, it just make me sick.

Among frequently during the day is bad for the liver. If you have a headache, you should consult your doctor. Symdrome you have some problems with neck pain or any type of headache.

If you really think it despressed, then you have someone in your area should speak or school. If it is really your friend, for help.

DR.DRE said...

more than one gram of acetaminophen consumed for a journalist, a few weeks can lead to death ... But death is not unstantaneous causing liver failure and death occurs after planting ... Im not sure if the g

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