Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Remote Car Starter With Starting Alarm Wolf Car Alarm, Remote Starter Troubles?

Car alarm, remote starter troubles? - remote car starter with starting alarm wolf

Hello, my car has a companion Am7 car remote starter. The fight is thinking Circut a routine, so that the owner was not involved when the problem has already running.the, he kept it running so it does not start, even with the key. the lights are still on the garment that the only way for me is battery.the sewer backup for the alarm to draw / remotely and you can start with the fine key .. Start and it works with the exception of the locks will not work in the remotest. The devil can, and that near Youngstown, Ohio, we can fix the problem? a reply would appritiated, thank you


AUDJDI said...

Id try a number of new modules Remote Start

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