Friday, January 22, 2010

Apple Cider Tablets Can Taking Apple Cider Vinegar Tablets Be Dangerous To Your Health?

Can taking apple cider vinegar tablets be dangerous to your health? - apple cider tablets

Are they really good for losing weight?


bconehea... said...

I wear ... do not lose weight, but can not hold doctors to identify immediately.

Only a health food consultant can answer that. In my case I am for acid reflux. When I bought it .. I was told that, or can not. Some people have positive results. I have in my case.

Not bad for your health

ralz_90 said...

broncle are serious problems and can lead to enfazema if taken seriously RECÉM a Docter ... I hope you can PS.I

DietPill... said...

They are good, but not true ... Green tea is much better for weight loss ... Try the Diet Green Tea Peach ... They sell them in white .... Reduction in calories and UR do not have a cup of tea with meals and UR should lose weight to ... Good luck.

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