Monday, January 4, 2010

Recreational Canoes What Is A Good Kayak For A Beginner Going On Flat, Calm Water?

What is a good kayak for a beginner going on flat, calm water? - recreational canoes

I moved to Maryland and the right to live in a river with many streams in the vicinity. At the local kayak store they recommended a recreational kayak, the Pungo 120, but I'm looking for some unbiased opinions. Once I feel comfortable in the kayak, I take my dog (35 kg mongrel with me) - she has a life jacket and canoe often, so I know he wants it - so that extra advice kayaking with a dog, dog or kayaks for the good in man is asked.


kayakroc... said...

A bridge of recreational craft as Pungo would be a good option, especially if you have done a cabin with a large aperture (such Pungo). I have not seen a coat that both a man and his dog, a pool for the people fit, so I think without having to navigate a skirt.

In this context, should be considered even without a blanket or sit-on-top boats. Most have big holes "tank" (areas of open storage), directly behind the seat that would accommodate all breeds, but larger dogs.

Most sit-on-top models have internal storage, as the bridge. If paddling in cold weather, you may need to pay more attention to put on warm clothes, but the downside is that they do not need to learn to play a role (even if you and your dog must return to practice both the depth of the water volume ).

I sit-on-top boats can be very fast in the water and the length (paddle in a straight line) and watch the desert or T160 system Kayak Prowler 15th Shorter boats are not as fast as a rule, but they are manageable, the WildT120 systems and rness Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 are a good choice.

If your main concern is the stability and plenty of space, look at the Malibu X-Factor and Wildlife Research Ride Systems 13.5. Both boats are heavier than the 15 - and 16-foot boats, but they are super-stable and dry.

For a little more money to do Hobie Kayaks Sit-on-top boats of varying length (see AdventureQuest 16 feet or 13 feet) who rode with MirageDrive system can be.

Many good choice. Remember Doggie PFD (life jacket) for his friend. Good luck and happy paddling.

Simba said...

I think that would be nice Pungo. I am a sea kayaker, but I did not "suggest a sea kayak in most rivers (I know from experience), especially if they are close to many curves and obstacles. I know nothing about rowing with a dog, but I suggest you find a place where you can rent it for a day and be careful what you wish.

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