Friday, January 29, 2010

Beaded Hair Hugger Instructions Anyone Have Instructions On Making Beaded Hair Huggers?

Anyone have instructions on making beaded hair huggers? - beaded hair hugger instructions

If you are the "mean seen on television, here what I did. I drew the design placed on a sheet of copier paper in a square of foam polystyrene beads elastic thread around the design, so I know how much they needed, about 6 "to allow me to cut further to add, I wanted moreif, then the beads that I went into the design. I had to comb the pages, because I do not really think that a part to use them. I can not imagine that "we could keep him in position with pins.
If you are my favorites then type the same thing with a plastic cup, but only that the design of the band around the cup after the wire is visible through the tips of how many I need.


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