Sunday, January 24, 2010

Gourmet Chocolate Bars What Is The Most I Can Get For These Combinations?

What is the most I can get for these combinations? - gourmet chocolate bars

Chris has won a day of shopping at a Gourmet Bakery donut wholesale. Bakery Owner
agreed that Chris has 1 minute to collect the boxes of donuts
possible, with two restrictions: all the donuts are in their original boxes in bulk (part remain --
Cans are not allowed to be elected) and not more than ten pounds of donuts. Chris
has a list of types of donuts sold from the bakery creates the weight of each box and
Cash-value (see table below). If Chris wants to be the most valuable end of ten o'clock
Pounds of donuts, donut boxes with a greedy method chosen?
Donut Package Type Weight value in the table
Filled donuts 2 pounds $ 15.00
Maple / Chocolate 5 lbs $ 86.25
Chocolate Covered Donuts £ 1 $ 12.50
Custard Cream Filled Donuts 6 pounds $ 105.00
Cinnamon Rolls 5 pounds $ 85.00
Apple fritters £ 3 $ 50.00


Bill W said...

We reduce the problem.
1. Forget Stuffed pound for pound, because you are better covered with chocolate.
2. Forget about that, because cinnamon maple / chocolate is more expensive.

The answer is that the packets of twenty-five kilos of chocolate cause maple / $ 172.50.
The best thing is to do with Custard Cream $ 167.50.

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