Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Illegal Cp With All The Training W/ Tanks And Helicopters Going On At Cp. Pendelton, Why Not Do It At The Border?

With all the training w/ tanks and helicopters going on at Cp. Pendelton, why not do it at the border? - illegal cp

My father said that during the Korean War, when we were worried about Communist spies during the daily deposit, amphibians, took the floor and practice tactical helicopter immediately after the border. Illegal immigration virtually ceased. Nobody could get through the constant development, and tighten the flow of men and material, without turning around or captured. It published a series of stories in which manuver night was specifically created to locate illegal. It was good practice for what the troops in Korea face. They were loaded on trucks and threw them at the intersection. They often create a kind of warren, which would bring the organizations and units of their prisoners and their perception of the late morning, buses and trucks, we have sent to Mexico. I remember a list of names is done by persons or documents of any kind they were gathered in the desert and later recaptured prisoners of war in North Korea have been treated in this way. It is good practice.


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